Saturday, 12 November 2011

Metal Gear Solid Awesome

The Metal Gear Solid series is my favourite gaming series of all time, with my personal favourite game being the first. I've completed the first one over sixty times and have finished 2, 3 and 4 a number of times each. Whenever Hideo Kojima speaks, I listen. So when it was announced that next month there will be an announcement regarding Metal Gear I got very excited. It may well be the release date for the HD collection, which would frankly be soul destroying because it's been out on the internet for some time now, or it may well be some news on Rising (finally!) which would be great but, imagine, just for a second, that it was the announcement of Metal Gear Solid 5, it would, quite frankly, be the gaming news of the year for me but it would also create many questions, most importantly, who would you be? For obvious reasons you can't be Solid Snake, not again, so here are my five wishes for Metal Gear Solid Games.

1. The Boss

The Boss is one of the most important characters within the franchise and it would be awesome to have a game set in World War Two where you play as her and can witness the creation of the Cobra Unit.

2. Gray Fox/Frank Jaeger

Remember how awesome it was to play as Gray Fox in the special missions? A game showing how he went from being normal to being given an exoskeleton would be great and it would cool to play as him during his infiltration of Shadow Moses.

3. Remake of the original/second game

I, like many others, have never played the originals and whilst I will when the HD collection comes out I'm sure that, although I will probably enjoy them, I'd crave a complete remake of them.

4. A game as Raiden in his child soldier days

Kojima probably wouldn't be allowed to make a game about a child solider but I'd love to know about Raiden's origins especially as I seem to be part of a minority that actually quite likes him (if you think about what he did in the second game he is quite a bad ass.)

5. Liquid's days in the SAS

Liquid is my favourite villain ever and I would absolutely love to know more about him and to finally be able to play as him but not within the realm of an existing game. It would be a great fan service and a great way of fleshing out Metal Gear's awesome story.

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