Monday, 14 November 2011

Please Rockstar, give me Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto 4 was a good game, I need to make that clear, I really liked it and I have a lot of good memories of it but it was also the worst game in the series since Rockstar made the switch away from top down gaming. Grand Theft Auto 3 is undoubtedly a master class and Vice City built on this games genius to create what many people consider to be the definitive Grand Theft Auto. I however favour San Andreas. San Andreas was vast and not only was it vast but it was filled with incredible things and places such as the jet pack, harrier, mini gun and the awesome jump spot at the top of Mount Chiliad.
 Grand Theft Auto 4 had none of these things, it was fun but not in the over top way that San Andreas was, it was trying to be serious, trying to be realistic, essentially it was trying to be something that Grand Theft Auto was not and never has been. Even in the original two you could spend most of your time just walking down the street farting if you wanted to. It's because of this that Grand Theft Auto 4, though still a great game, is not as good as the others.
                                                 This is what Grand Theft Auto is about.
So, with the recently revealed Grand Theft Auto 5 on its way I believe that its make or break time. If Rockstar don't go back to what Grand Theft Auto is at its heart then, for me, the series is likely to be finished. They can do serious, they did it with Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire, but they should keep it to those non-Grand Theft Auto games because Grand Theft Auto is supposed to fun in an un-realistic, over the top kind of way not an "Oh my God this is so realistic, look, my friend is phoning me to go bowling whilst I'm robbing this bank" kind of a way.
Also, whilst Grand Theft Auto 4 was large, I miss the huge feel and the varied environments and layout of San Andreas so I am glad that they are returning there, but I am worried that their focus on Los Santos specifically will result in the game being something of a missed opportunity. Imagine Las Venturas with modern graphics. Imagine car chases through the streets of San Fierro, all with modern graphics. Imagine if they manned up and remade the entire state, fleshing out areas that were somewhat empty the first time around.
So please Rockstar, please bring back the fun, bring back Grand Theft Auto, it's been too long since San Andreas, too long since a proper Grand Theft Auto game and it's about time THE sandbox game series reclaimed its identity and, in the process, it's sense of scale and fun.

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