Monday, 5 December 2011

Game of the Year 2011

This year has without doubt been a great year for gaming, we've had Killzone 3, Infamous 2,Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Dark Souls, Skyrim and countless others, all of which have been great but, as  the major releases of the year (for the PS3 at least) are now out of the way I feel it's about time to choose my favourite.

My Game of the Year this year is Skyrim. Perhaps an obvious choice but one that should be near unanimous . Skyrim's genius doesn't stem from a gripping story, nor does it come from astounding graphics, the thing that makes Skyrim the best game this year is its ability to distract you. There is so much to do, you may well head out to do the next quest in the main story but along the way you'll find an innkeeper who'll want you to go and kill some bandits in a cave and then as you return to tell him of your success a passing traveller will tell you there is a dragon at a nearby mountain and perhaps on the way to the mountain you might drop some loot off at your house or pay your wife a visit.

Whatever you may say about Skyrim or its predecessors you cannot reasonably deny the fact that there is a huge variety of things to do within the game, and it's this that makes it this year's winner. If you haven't got it yet get it, as soon as possible.

Honourable mentions:

Dark Souls for it's fantastic sense of reward.

Uncharted 3 for its excellent story.

Battlefield 3 for having, without doubt, the greatest multiplayer experience of any FPS ever.


  1. I used to wonder what all these "arrow to the knee" jokes were about, then I took a Skyrim to PC.

  2. They used to drive me insane, those jokes get put on just about everything game related now. It's a great game though but my PC can't run it so I have to play it on PS3.

  3. Skyrim yep I'd go with this but I also think Battlefield 3 is bloody brill!!

  4. Game of the year just gotta be Skyrim, it holds me in there man