Saturday, 28 January 2012

Nostalgia or the Future?

Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Splinter Cell, all of these series have had HD collections recently. Games such as the Splinter Cell series have been updated for the new generation and PSP classics have been made playable on the PS3 and Xbox360 but are they are a good thing?

HD collections take quite a lot of work, the graphics have to be re-mastered to function in high definition, controls have to be tightened to meet the current generations standards and, in the case of the PSP games, screen resolution has to be adjusted and the control scheme needs to be completely re done. Whilst playing these games again is great it seems a lot of effort when in reality it would be easier for many to simply dust off their PS2s and play the games on their original consoles, after all, HD collections don’t improve on the games all that much, if at all.

Wouldn’t it be better, then, if instead of re-visiting old games developers put the effort into new instalments into these beloved series, or better yet into something entirely new? After all I would far rather play Metal Gear Solid 5, or see what Kojima’s new project is and play the old Metal Gear games on the PS2, than have him have them re-mastered for this generation. HD collections often just seem like a waste of time, a poor excuse for some easy cash.

I believe this to be true of most re-mastered games, but not all. PSP games such as God of War: Origins or Ghost of Sparta should certainly be made console friendly as these are great games but many people haven’t played them. Far more people bought a PS2 than bought a PSP, so far more people have played the PS2 classics than have played the PSP classics. This is certainly an avenue that more developers should pursue but re-releasing games that nearly everyone has played, and that many can still easily play seems like both a waste of our time and our money.


  1. Discovered your blog the other day. Great articles-keep it up man
    Ollie G

  2. Just read your article, I like the idea of adding to instalments of some of the series. So much out there just wish I had more money available to me ... don't we all.


  3. Hi Chris agree withyou,great article and don't I WISH I had more money

  4. Great read.
    Hey Chris and StevieQ agree 100% more spare cash would be awesome.