Friday, 17 February 2012

Assassins Creed III Release Date Confirmed

Ubisoft have recently confirmed that the new Assassin's Creed to be released later this year will be Assassin's Creed III and that, surprisingly, it will be released on October 30th rather than November or December as many had expected. It is widely believed that this game will conclude Desmond's story and that future games will focus on different characters and have more standard, two year long development cycles.

This is all good news but, after Assassin's Creed: Revelations I'm not convinced a) that it's necessarily true that it will complete Desmond's story and b) that it will actually be any good. Revelations was supposed to provide a neat conclusion to Ezio's and whilst it did conclude the story it was anything but neat. What actually happened was nothing was really revealed to us and the story just became even more confusing than it was previously. This maybe would have been tolerable if the gameplay had been drastically changed but it was near identical to previous games. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because it was near identical because the point of the game was to take the story forward. Instead of doing this though it made me, and many others, feel as though they had wasted not just £40 on the game but also quite a few hours of their time as well.

Aside from the story though it just wasn't that good. The game was very similar to the previous ones in terms of gameplay and whilst the gameplay is great, it's getting very old, not quite as old as Call of Duty but it's getting there. Though they made some attempts to freshen things up with the hook blade, bomb making, den defence and those monotonous seemingly pointless sections with Desmond playing with the animus' equivalent of Lego, all they actually achieved was to make the game seem dull with a light sprinkling of "why did they add these new ideas in?"

Hopefully though Assassin's Creed III will be to Revelations what Assassin's Creed II was to the first game and Ubisoft will create an awe inspiring masterpiece. If they manage this then I genuinely believe it will be one of the greatest games of all time, I just hope they have it in them. If they conclude Desmond's story and finally explain what's been going all this time then it will at least be worth playing but, and this is a big but, if they can significantly improve the gameplay then they would be sitting on a genre defining experience, something they haven't achieved since Assassin's Creed II.

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  1. its just gotta go on my wish list, be grate to see how itgoes