Thursday, 16 February 2012

Metal Gear Solid 3D Demo Impressions

Today on the eShop the demo for Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D arrived. Up until now I've been skeptical about whether or not the game could work well on the 3DS or whether there would even be a need for it, after all if it couldn't improve on the PS2 original then why bother making it in the first place?

A few seconds into it and I was amazed. They've managed to port the Subsistence version over with graphics that are for the most part as good as but in some cases even better than they are on the PS2 original. On top of this because they've ported the subsistence version of the game the dodgy camera is gone and instead you have complete control over it. Bearing in mind that I wasn't using the circle pad pro and the fact that the camera is so manageable is even more impressive.

On top of this they've made a number of little changes that add up to greatly improve the experience. When you shoot a guard a blue marker appears letting you know you've hit him, which makes long distance shooting with the tranquilliser gun much easier. Also, and this is the best change they've made, they used the lower screen to contain the map and item screens which means that the upper screen is left completely clear, which makes the whole game far more immersive than it was on the PS2.

All in all, if the demo is any indication at least, the game has shaped up fantastically well and I'll definitely be buying it on launch day. One thing which I've yet to find out is whether or not, as it's a port of the subsistence version, it includes the original 2 games as well.


  1. Can you use CPP in the demo? I'm downloading right now btw :-)

    1. I don't actually know because I don't own one. It plays great without one though so I wouldn't worry too much.

  2. Downloaded and to answer my own question, yes, CPP can be used in the demo. Btw everything is better with CPP. No matter how great controls are, 2 analog sticks is must have for any serious gamer imo :-). Btw in UK, it doesn't cost that much. I actually ordered RE:R with CPP from UK for about 40 pounds. In my country, that version costs 60 pounds :-)