Monday, 20 February 2012

Nintendo: Leading the Way

After the GameCube I drifted away from Nintendo, having owned the NES, N64, GameCube and a number of Gameboy's, I was a pretty big Nintendo fan but I wasn't too enamoured by the motion controls of the Wii so I didn't buy one. In that time however I have realised that over the years Nintendo has consistently led the way, setting trends, breaking boundaries and maintaining a high standard in their games and consoles.

I am now of the opinion that Nintendo are in fact leading the way and stand head and shoulders over both Sony and Microsoft in terms of quality of consoles, games and innovation. It is for this reason that I bought a 3DS and that I will buy a Wii U and, in turn, will go back to Nintendo.

Whereas Microsoft seem hell bent on ruining themselves (lack of exclusives, over focus on Kinect, trying to kill off used games) and Sony are keeping quiet about the PS4, Nintendo are pushing forward with the Wii U, once again changing how we play games thanks to the controller, giving us our first glasses free 3D experience with the 3DS and showing how best to make a variety of games. In other words by moving forward with their technology and by releasing sequels in classic franchises, re-booting old classics (Kid Icarus) and bringing new games to the table, Nintendo are wiping the floor with the competition and rightly so.

Whilst Microsoft seem happy to focus more on third party content and Sony have lost the developers behind Resistance and other exclusives aren't looking so safe (The Last Guardian) Nintendo have kept up a high number and high quality of first party content but are also bringing more and more third party content, with the Wii U promising to bring even more of both.

Ultimately a gaming company needs a bit of everything and whereas Microsoft and Sony are struggling to achieve that at the moment Nintendo are managing it with ease and it's because of that that I'm going back to them.


  1. There is so much wrong with your sentence structure, use of punctuation, and general writting style.

    Whereas as? Either use Whereas or Where as. Don't mix the two,

    Less is more.

    1. Ha sorry that's just a typo, I'll edit this later, I must have put up the pre edit version. Cheers

  2. Well said. Welcome back. I've never strayed from Nintendo. I've played the PS3 and 360 and I like them, but when it comes time for me to personally put money down for a console, I always choose Nintendo. Never been disappointed.

    The Wii U is the console theu originally wanted to release, but Wii first as a sort of introduction to where they are taking the industry. And as we all see Nintendo leads, the rest follow. From Move to Kinect, they try to copy the formula but never can duplicate the success.

    Now we hear rumours Microsoft is already copying the Wii U controller. Predicatable behaviour, but Nintendo will win in the end. Because they are the best at whay they do.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  3. I'm with donzaloog and probs a lot of other readers. Nintendo never disappoints, always delivers.They are the best at what they do. Stand tall Nintendo, you deserve to.