Saturday, 18 February 2012

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

With the new Assassin's Creed on its way many are wondering what period the developers will use to base the game in, or indeed if they will use any form of historical setting. You never know, it could just be Desmond. Obviously they have dabbled in the Crusades and the Renaissance and have left themselves many periods to play with. They've done a lot with swords, indeed without swords and close range combat the game would handle completely differently but I think it needs to.

With Revelations the gameplay was getting stale and the new one needs to find a way of changing things up. I suggest moving away from swords and being a bit, just a bit, more modern. The wild west would be perfect. You could be cast a lawless gunslinger, the Templars could be trying to expand the frontier and remove the Native American's and the story could go from there. The sherif could act as the templar with his thugs as guards, you could have gunplay instead of swordplay and the wild west setting would be perfect for Assassin's Creed's open world stylings.

The story, setting and gameplay would all be incredibly revitalised and Ubisoft would really have a chance to make a masterpiece. I accept that this is unlikely because the length of the development cycle for the game just isn't long enough for them to pull off such a massive change but if they are going to stick with the same formula then they need to change the gameplay drastically or else the game may well end up being worse than Revelations.

Of course they may just choose to focus purely on Desmond which would also be a welcome change for the series. But, if they do go with the wild west route, here's what your character could look like.

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