Wednesday, 22 February 2012

PS Vita Launch

The PS Vita launched today in Europe and North America and things don't look great. According to BBC News the Editor-in-Chief of IGN, Casey Lynch, has stated that he feels it will have a life span of about three months. I've recently done an article on my thoughts on the Vita, essentially I think it will flop.

What do you think? Is it too expensive? Are there too few good games? Can it compete with the 3DS?


  1. Oh come on... :-) Three months? And then Sony falls, right? Even you can't possibly believe that.. :-) PSP had really bad launch and how long it was here? NDS had bad launch... PS3 had damn bad launch too. PS Vita doesn't have THAT bad launch ;). Btw now I own both 3DS and Vita... :-) I believe that both systems will have great games... ;)

  2. Well as I understand it things havent gone well for them so far. I reckon prices will drop. Its competition out there and price does pay a big part in it.Time will tell. Am sure we will keep watching to see how things play out.


  3. I agree it could be saved and will surely last more than three months, but Sony need to act fast.