Thursday, 16 February 2012

PS Vita: Watch it Crash and Burn

Disclaimer: I am a huge Sony fan, I used to own a PS1 and a PSP and I still own and love the PS2 and PS3, so this is not a fanboy argument.

The release of Sony's PS Vita is nearly upon us and I'm going to stick my neck out and say right now that it's going to fail. It's already flopped in its native country which, although doesn't mean it can't do well here, doesn't exactly bode well for its chances. The reason I believe it will fail is simply because Sony have made far too many mistakes.

For starters the console and it's accessories are far too expensive. To buy the cheapest version of the console and a memory card costs more than to buy a brand new 160GB PS3, thats just plain wrong. A handheld should never cost more than its home console (admittedly the 3DS is more expensive than the Wii). Although some shops offer bundles that include a memory card, many do not and it is simply too expensive to buy everything you need to use the console properly.

Secondly instead of handling PSP back compatibility properly and making it total, they have limited it to the titles that they post on the PS store which, although they say they will update, they may very well not - they aren't overly great at updating the PS1 or PS2 section are they?

On top of all this one of the main parts of the console, it's touch functions, seems utterly pointless. The only purpose it seems to serve in most games is small and gimmicky at best, there is no real need for it. Why add things on that don't need to be there and make handling the console more awkward than it needs to be? Sure on many of the games for the 3DS the 3D effect is only a gimmick but on games such as Super Mario 3D Land it serves a real game changing purpose that is more than just a charcoal rubbing gimmick (for those who don't know, Uncharted: Golden Abyss makes heavy use of the touch effects for charcoal rubbing).

Many say that the launch line up redeems all of its failings but does it really? Have you seen the line up? There are a few blockbuster titles like Uncharted and Fifa but as its a Playstation handheld I'd have liked to seen Resistance, Killzone, Infamous or Metal Gear up there as well. Instead the rest of the impressively large line up of launch game seems to be populated by average to good games that aren't really anything special. It's not even as if these other key games are on the horizon, Resistance drops I. may and the MGS HD collection is on its way but there is seemingly no Killzone or Infamous and no new MGS. To add insult to injury the current blockbusters aren't even up to the standard we have come to expect from them.

Ultimately, as a Sony fan, it's sad to watch the PS Vita, the nearer we get to launch the happier I become that I bought a 3DS.


  1. Meh... First, all said that 3DS is going to be dead since it had no good games at the start. Then, 3DS got cheaper, some great games came out (Zelda, Mario, Mario kart, Resident Evil) and now it's all like "3DS ftw, PSV sucks"... When 3DS came out, it had also nearly no sales in Japan and the boom came with Monster Hunter recently... PSV will be the same - some great games come out, Sony announce cut on price and we will all have PSV with happy smile.

    BTW, I own 3DS (now playing RE:R), so I'm not fanboy, just gamer :-)

    Oh and keep up posting to your blog ;).

    1. I'm not sure that will happen though. The 3DS was saved by Monster Hunter and the two Mario games but Sony don't have that equivalent at the moment. There is Resistance in May but beyond that nothing concrete. Plus they've already done Uncharted, arguably their biggest series at the moment, and though it was good it didn't live up to expectations. I'm worried it might already be too late for them to turn things around. They need a new Metal Gear game, Infamous for the Vita, Killzone for the Vita, they need more big games and they aren't coming.

  2. Needs more games and preferably developed by studios with experience in their respective franchises. Don't want an Uncharted developed by anyone other than Naughty Dog. I'll buy it when it gets a port of FIFA 12 that will let me "transfar" my career and a Gran Turismo.

    Let's hope that publishers and developers get on board with the Vita and make some really great games. Until then I'll hold onto my money plus we're bound to see a price drop.

  3. Agree with that anon I think we will see aprice drop. Hold onto your cash a bit longer.

  4. Big day today as it sees the launch of the Vita. I for one am gonna hold on to my money and see what happens. Seems people dont think it will go that big and we could see a price drop, for me that will be grate.

  5. Well, if anyone is still reading this... We have like week after launch of Vita and as it turned out, Vita has been selling suprisingly well so far. 321 000 units in Eu, 170 000 in US (and around 70 000 in week 0), some in Japan, that gives us something around half a milion units sold by first week. Sure, the sales will go down now (let's hope that it won't be as dramatic fall as with 3DS), but it shows us that Vita has still its place.

    Also, comparing to 16M units of 3DS, it is riddiculous but it is only first week ;) I think people were too much pesimistic about PSV, it is great device actually.

  6. (Oh, by the way, total number of PS Vita units is around 1.5M since its launch in Japan...)

  7. Thanks for the info Endhalf. I think sales will go down now after the first rush and I think we will see a price drop. It's tough out there, but time will tell.


  8. If any one is interested:
    This week, the biggest selling video game in Japan is for the PS Vita. While the handheld seems to be on its last legs in the west, here in Japan, it’s doing pretty well.
    Read about it here

    Thanks JKay

    1. The Vita certainly seems to have carved its own niche but it's a shame as it could have been so much more successful