Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Quality of Fame

Voice acting in video games is a fine art. There are some performances which truly stand out, such as David Hayter's whose work with Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, but there are also those that are simply awful, such as the performances in the first Resident Evil game. Whilst Hayer isn't hugely famous there are many very famous actors who have leant their talents to gaming, such as Patrick Stewart, Liam Neeson and Gary Oldman.

Hiring these people to act in your game is obviously more expensive that hiring lesser known voice actors and many would argue the money that you save is better spent on developing the gameplay but is this really true? As someone who enjoys the story side of gaming as well as the gameplay side of video gaming I enjoy decent voice acting, and whilst lesser known actors can do fantastic jobs it is always nice to hear the voice of a recognised star in one of your favourite games.

For me the inclusion of such recognisable voices adds to my enjoyment of games, it also ensures a certain degree of quality in the voice acting which, let's face it, can sometimes be lacking. Of course there are many among the gaming world who care little for a deep and engaging story and could care less whether or not the voice acting was good, there are those of us however who appreciate decent voice acting. Besides, no matter how good your story is, if it's acted poorly it's going to sink, not swim.

So I for one would appreciate it if became more common for developers to include some famous and recognisable voices into their games.


  1. You can't beat Patrick Stewarts voice. I think he trained as a Shakesperean actor originally. It must put up the cost of making the game but I'm with you on this it can make it more enjoyable and for me thats good.
    Keep gaming


  2. Pro's and con's here bro. Doesnt it come down to cost? For me a game should have a good story, sur there are some lesser known voices who do a good job but guess its good to put a well known voice in - perraps they could use a well known actor in with the adverts to sell the game cos surely it would boost sales?