Saturday, 11 February 2012

Review: Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations is the newest instalment in the main canon of Capcom's Resident Evil series and is available exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. With Resident Evil 4 Capcom revitalised the series by adding more action into the survival element of the game and they created a masterpiece. With Resident Evil 5 however they went too far and the game was too action based and was, as a result, dull beyond belief.

With Revelations they have gone back to their roots some what to bring back some of the intensity and sense of survival that they had lost with the fifth game and it's worked wonders. From the moody setting of an abandoned cruise ship, to the scarcity of ammo when fighting certain hideous enemies, the intensity is palpable. They haven't abandoned action altogether, there are still plenty of full on fire fights but, like they did with the fourth game, they have struck a near perfect balance between survival horror and action.

The game excels equally in other crucial areas as well. The graphics are simply astonishing. When you consider that the 3DS usually handles the more cartoony styles of Mario or Zelda, seeing such a real, gritty looking game rendered so well is amazing, I really haven't found a single fault with the graphics so far. The character models look fantastic, the monsters are varied and are all utterly hideous and the animations are fluid and believable.

The story is equally fantastic focusing initially on your search for Chris and developing and thickening from there on. I won't spoil anything here but, take my word for it, it's fantastic and easily up to the standard of the stories of previous games in the series.

Aside from the awesome campaign, which, as always, has great replay value, you have Raid Mode, this games version of Mercenaries. You are entered into an arena with a selection of weapons which you unlock and upgrade using points you earn in game and then you either kill all of the enemies or die trying. Like Mercenaries, it is great fun and is a great add on to the overall package. Also, if you have friends with copies of the game, you can play raid mode co-operatively with one of them.

All things considered then this game is truly fantastic, it's not perfect, at times the level pacing can become tedious with you revisiting areas too often and though the 3D functions it serves no obvious practical use. Also, I have found that the default difficulty setting is simply too easy. Though I have died a few times I haven't scored below an A in any of the games levels and really, as a survival horror game, I think the difficulty should match the intensity. Ultimately though this a great return to form for the series and has made me very excited for number 6.


  1. I agree mate, I'd rate this game for me as 10/10

    Not sure I like your new lay out Rob I liked it when you could see all your piecses, just my view dont know what other followers think - Ali

  2. Thanks for the comment, I've put it back as it was now.

  3. Hi Ali yea was with you on the lay out altho not all may agree. With you as well on the game 10/10 A* whatever.

  4. Yep, I definietley like this lay out
    Brill mate