Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Alienware and Valve: Leading the Way?

PC gaming is more expensive than console based gaming. This is a fact, however, it is also a fact that many games look superior on PC and the PC, like consoles, has many great exclusives. So with Alienware bringing out the X51, a relatively cheap gaming PC, and with Valve developing their own cheap PC, perhaps PC gaming will become more popular?

One of PC gaming's big issues is obviously the expense. You can spend about £200 at the moment and get a console with a game but with a PC you could spend several hundred more than that. Of course there are ways of building a decent gaming PC for relatively little cost but this requires a lot of know how, know how that most console gamers simply don't have. With cheaper PCs being made that can easily handle the most demanding games the amount of people who play PC games could increase dramatically. I see this as a good thing, I see that Battlefield 3 on the PC supports more players and has better graphics than my PS3 version and I can't help but feel jealous. So I look forward to see how things go with cheaper PCs being made.

There is of course also the issue of having to upgrade your PC. When you buy a console you know it will be good enough to handle any games that come out for it, when you buy a PC however you don't necessarily have this security. Alienware have considered this and have made things easier to upgrade, even an idiot like me could work it out or at least find someone to do it for me. Valve seem to be learning from this example and intend to do the same thing, meaning that console gamers can feel more comfortable with PCs than they do at the moment.

All in all PC gaming is moving in a direction that I think is great for it and I look forward to seeing things get cheaper and simpler. In a year or so I may even be tempted to buy one myself and leave console based gaming behind for good.

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  1. Lets face it no matter what you buy today tomorrow it's obsolete. Well that may be going a bit strong. But as soon as I save up my hard earned cash, make my purchase, I'll soon be wanting (needing) something a bit more superior, better, call it what you like. The manufactureres of PC's, consoles. TV's, games even my sat nav there is always something going to replace it upgrade it etc. Sorry if this is a bit off subject. All I really want is something I enjoy, that doesn't cost the earth.

    And yep you've guessed it like many gamers there's too much out there that I can enjoy but need more cash to.

    From Rob (not you Rob) the another one