Monday, 5 March 2012

My History of Gaming

In 1998, when I was only five years old, my older brother was sorting his bedroom and on the floor were what I later learned to be the NES and the Mega Drive. At this time I had no idea what video games were and so I didn't know what these two boxes were. I asked him and he explained them to me and said that if it was ok with my parents I could have them. And so I had my first two gaming consoles. On the Mega Drive I had some Indiana Jones game which was ok but really it was the NES that I loved, mainly because of Super Mario. This one game was what hooked me and is really where my enjoyment and love of gaming comes from.

After this I couldn't get an N64 because I didn't have the money too but luckily I had friends who had them. I was about to move away from Nintendo anyway. For Christmas that year my brother got a PS1 with the game of Small Soldiers and he let both me and my other brother play and we were all hooked. After badgering my parents for the rest of the following year they got me one for the next Christmas along with Spyro 2. I loved both games but really it wasn't until I was introduced to Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid that I became truly hooked on gaming.

After that my brother got a PS2 and, after another year of badgering my parents I got one as well. Highlights for me were MGS 2 and 3, Resident Evil 4 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. However I had started to realise, because of my time playing Pokemon on my Gameboy Colour, that I missed Nintendo so I saved up and bought a GameCube to go alongside my PS2 and bought Pokemon Colosseum as well MGS Twin Snakes. Shortly after I also bought a Gameboy Advance.

Then of course we arrived at the beginning of this generation. At first I wanted a Wii but, two years into the generation I actually ended up with a 360 and fell in love with Gears of War. I had had an Xbox for a time when I swapped my PS2 for one but I hadn't really intend on getting a 360 until shortly before actually getting one. I had my 360 until last year when I sold it and bought a PS3 (I wanted MGS4 and Uncharted) and have since fallen in love with Sony all over again.

However with the recent handheld greatness in the form of the 3DS I decided to go back to Nintendo and get a 3DS and am now selling my PS3 to buy a Wii to see what I've missed out on before I buy a Wii U when it's released later in the year. After all this I've essentially gone back to where I began and am totally in love with Nintendo and their games.


  1. Ah ah that takes me back Super Mario very good game and I can remeber playing it when I was quite young. It was good to hear about your history of gaming guess we all have slightly different stories we could tell. And what about the pokeman cards?
    Great days but they still are gaming is still one of my fav pastimes. But its a beer instead of orange squash I remeber I used to have don't like the stuff now.
    Keep it up man I enjoy reading your stuff

  2. God I really liked grand theft auto too, I thought at the time it was the best thing I'd ever played.

    Good stuff on your blog, don't always agree but I like the read.