Friday, 6 April 2012

Rented Gaming

I have long been of the opinion that games are too expensive. When a new game comes out it usually costs £35-40, and that might be for a game that doesn't even come with multiplayer modes, so once single player is done the game is done. I've thought for a while that this needs to change but it hasn't so I've looked at alternatives.

This is where my love of renting games comes from, as much as I love retailers like GAME, and want them to succeed, games are too expensive. As alternatives, over in the U.S you have Gamefly and here in U.K we have LoveFilm. LoveFilm let's you have 3 games out at a time and has no late fees and it only costs £14.99 a month, much better than £40 for one game. So in a month like October where you have Assassin's Creed 3, Resident Evil 6 and Bioshock Infinite coming out, instead of spending £120 you just spend £14.99.

For me personally this is a good thing but for the industry it's not so good. So long as games are so overpriced retailers will find it hard to compete with rental services because even though it's cool to have a shelf full of games its cooler to be able to pay next months rent. Until games drop in price I'll stick to renting mine. Of course online passes could ruin things here but they have yet to be applied to most games so we'll have to wait to see how things go there and, besides, when all games come with an online pass most of the industry will die anyway, but that's a whole other issue.


  1. Hi Mate

    Can see where you're coming from here and have to agree with your points on costs etc.

    Guess I may be luckier, more fortunate than some I don't need to think too much about price and I do like seeing my own games on the shelf.
    For those who have to keep a closer eye on costs Love Film or similar is an ex alternative.

    Game on


  2. I think love film offer an excellent package and if like me you have to watch your cash just makes so much sense.

    I do agree with DB, its great seeing and handling your own games but times are tight and gonna get tougher on the pocket so for now its love film for me.