Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Reveal

I started this blog last summer and I've already lost count of the times that I've written about Call of Duty. As the biggest FPS franchise in the history of gaming it warrants some attention regardless of your opinion on it. If you've read my blog for a while then you'll know that I loved the first three, think World at War and Black Ops are ok and a) think Modern Warfare should've come after World at War and Black Ops and b) should not be considered as part of the Call of Duty canon.

You should also know that I have become highly critical of the games due largely to the same reasons that most people have criticised them for. So, for the first time since they announced Call of Duty 3, I am pleased to announce that I am very excited for a Call of Duty game. It looks like Treyarch know what the series needs and that's change. They are promising an improved graphics engine, a less linear story, a more plausible scenario than we had in Modern Warfare and improved/changed multiplayer modes as well as various other things.

In short they are promising to do everything that needs to be done to keep the series relevant, successful and, above all, fun to play. I cannot wait for the game to be released and I hope that it does better than the previous entries in the franchise because, so long as they stick to their promises, Treyarch will have a truly great game on their hands.

In the meantime everyone should look around for trailers and screenshots and try and tell me it doesn't look great.


  1. 'I cannot wait for the game to be released'

    Saving my spare cash for this-sure its gonna be worth it


  2. Finally the news we’ve all been waiting for! While we were more than thrilled to check out the official Black Ops 2

    Reveal the other day, we weren’t thrilled when we didn’t hear any news about the zombies! Fortunately, Treyarch has

    alleviated our fears about a lack of zombies … the team has just officially confirmed that there will be a zombie

    mode in Black Ops 2!

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  3. Lets face it Call of duty must be included in any gamers collection, well that's what I think and many more judging by the success of the franchise over the years. I cannot wait for the game to be released and like you Rob I am hoping that it does better than the previous entries in the franchise as long as Treyarch stick to their promises, the future looks good.

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