Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I'm Tired of First Person Shooters

A couple of weeks ago I started playing Killzone 2. I had the original on PS2 and my first PS3 game was the third one but I'd missed the second so I bought it. I didn't like it, it felt boring, just go from one area to another killing similar groups of guys. I've stopped playing it because I was bored.

Yesterday I started Resistance 3, I've never liked the series but the third one seemed a bit different so I gave it go, it was cool at first because of it's old school health system (bring back health packs!) but again I got bored of it. It was just another shooter. This was when I realised that Battlefield has ruined FPS games for me.

I fell in love with Battlefield with the original Bad Company, in my opinion the greatest military FPS of all time and the best multiplayer game of all time (put those torches and pitchforks down!). Its the only game I've bothered to reach top rank on and I loved it. The intensity, the size, the vehicles, the game does, the sound, it had real atmosphere and it's a genuine rush to play it online with tanks firing at you and choppers hovering above. I then got the sequel and now have the third and they are all awesome. The thing is, I compare other FPS games to them and they all lack something to make them unique, at least in my eyes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still looking forward to Far Cry 3 and Aliens, if an FPS has something that makes it about more than just gunning guys down then I'm in. Battlefield has atmosphere and intensity so it stands out from the crowd. Aliens will be Aliens, with all that involves, and so will stand out. But Resistance, Killzone, Call of Duty and other such games? They cant match the feeling of Battlefield and so I can't play them.

Maybe my faith will be restored, I used to love Call of Duty so maybe Black Ops 2 can restore my faith in it and maybe then other FPS games will attract me but, for now, there are going to be very few non-Battlefield FPS games that I buy because it all seems stale to me.


  1. Gaming is what you want from it. I am a big fan of Battlefield. I do borrow my mates games and we give others a try. I still am quite a fan of shooter games.


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  3. FPS games lack any desire to push forward or evolve; they're all becoming rehashes of each other with only minor tweaks. It is one thing to apply the adage "If it isn't broken, don't fix it". But to leave the genre stagnate until it becomes a parody of itself is the problem.

    This is why this genre is becoming stereotyped as having brain-dead, toxic and trollish communities; the games themselves attract these kinds of people as they themselves are created with those who just like "boom", "pew pew" games and don't care if the genre ever becomes a terrible caricature of itself. Apathy drives the lack of innovation in FPS games.