Thursday, 24 May 2012

Journey, Heavy Rain and Mature Gaming

Heavy Rain is an incredibly popular title. It is innovative, well written, the graphics are good, the sound is great and the voice acting, for the most part at least, is pretty good. It is a game that is often described as being "mature" and has led other so called "mature" games on the PS3, such as Journey, to become very popular. First of all, I don't like Heavy Rain and second of all what do they mean it's a "mature" game?

Heavy Rain's story is fantastic but you don't really get to play the game, you essentially use a series of button prompts to play the game and you use a frankly awful walking mechanic to get you from button prompt to button prompt and that is pretty much it. Everything about the game is fantastic apart form the fact that it isn't a game, it's a film with button prompts. It should have just been a film. People talk about the "experience" and how "mature" it is and I agree that the experience of the story is great but the gameplay is not great and if I buy a game I want good gameplay.

My other problem is the use of this word, mature. Am I immature because I don't like these games? I rent a home, pay my bills, hold down jobs, have established and meaningful relationships and yet, excuse I like games that feature gameplay that is a bit more than just a button prompt I'm immature. Is that right?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for innovation but for me games that are more about story and/or experience should not be released as games and should be films or shorts, or even books instead.

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  1. It's a different sort of experience, love it or not give it a try, it is popular.