Monday, 28 May 2012

Most Underrated Games

Every year we see a slew of new blockbuster games which go on to sell millions upon millions of copies and are generally highly rated and enjoyed on an almost universal level. However beneath all of this we see some other truly great games, often ones that are a bit different from the competition, that just seem to sink off the radar. Here's my top three.

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge was a first person free running/shooter/action type thing set in the near future. It follows the story of Faith as she races across rooftops and through buildings and the gameplay, graphics, art style, sound and story are all fantastic. The art style is far more colourful than many games and as such set itself apart from the competition but the highlight is the first person free running. Talk of a sequel has been around since the game launched but it might not have had enough impact to warrant one and this would be a shame. If you haven't played, go get it.

Dark Sector

Dark Sector was a third person action game that featured great combat, some awesome weapons and even a few puzzles here and there. There were some pretty cool boss fights (I'm a sucker for boss fights) and all in all it was a really enjoyable experience. Your hero, Hayden, has a Glaive which is effectively a lethal metal frisbee which is used to great effect in combat and in puzzles and makes for some brutal kills.

Civilisation Revolution

The Civilisation series is one of the most beloved PC franchises in existence and when a console version was made there was uproar. The surprise was it was actually really good. It was designed with the controller in mind rather than just being ported from the PC and as such was streamlined and easy to play. I had some great times on it but there wasn't enough support from players and as such makes this list.

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  1. Good to have games with puzzles in them.It can make a change from just blasting away sometimes. Not that I mind a bit of combat but the mix is good.

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