Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Late Mass Effect 3 Review

Mass Effect 3 has been out for a while now but I have only just had the chance to play it. The Mass Effect trilogy is undoubtedly one of modern gaming's crowning achievements and it's conclusion doesn't disappoint. Whilst the ending may be one of the most disappointing endings of all time the game still manages to realise the vision that the developers set up with the first game and it is a fantastic game from start to finish.

The Mass Effect series is mainly about the story, whilst it is a full fledged game rather than an interactive movie it is still something you mainly play for its narrative. Luckily Mass Effect 3, like it's predecessors, does not disappoint. The opening chapter on Earth is possibly one of the greatest moments in gaming and the story never slows down from there. You'll meet plenty of familiar faces as well as a healthy dose of new ones and the characters are all equally convincing and fleshed out. The voice acting is superb and the script and story is well written, the story is certainly one of the greatest in gaming and if you haven't experienced it yet then you simply must.

The graphics and sound track are equally amazing, the audio and visual quality of the whole series so far has been great and it's no different on this game with everything being taken to the next level to make the conclusion as thrilling as possible. The voice acting is superb, the music is superb and the game looks fantastic.

The somewhat controversial multiplayer suite is ok but kind of pointless. It doesn't take away from the game at all but it doesn't really add to it, it isn't fun enough to substantially increase the lifespan of the game, I've played it once just to try it and it's unlikely that I'll ever touch it again. At least they are trying to add multiplayer, something I feel more games should do.

Now then, onto the downside: the gameplay. Whilst Mass Effect is mainly about the story it is still a game and so gameplay is of course crucial and sadly it is somewhat lacking. The third person action based styling of the game is still pretty much identical to that of the second game which was pretty much identical to the first. Whilst other series have had this problem (e.g. Uncharted) they have solved it by varying things within the game, you aren't just constantly shooting or sneaking for example. Sadly in Mass Effect 3 there is little variation, most missions unfold with you clearing out a room of enemies, doing a bit of jumping around and climbing - which is the only significant change in the gameplay and is one that really isn't significant enough for the gameplay to feel fresh - and then you'll move into the next room and kill a bunch more people. It can at times be a struggle to keep on playing because there is too much repetitive gameplay between significant developments in the story. If the story wasn't so good then really the game would only warrant a six out of ten.

Ultimately though the gameplay is the game's only real flaw in that it's the only flaw that actually made me stop playing from time to time, the ending is, after all, only problem at the end. If you are a fan of the series then the game is a must buy and really any self respecting gamer should be able to say that they have at least tried this game.

Score: 8/10


  1. I must admit that I didn't read this whole post, mainly to avoid spoilers as I am yet to get my hands on it. I fricking loved ME2, but all my game saves got corrupted and I thought, I can't play number 3 without my Shepard! Very very sad times. We are still not talking.

    But yes. Mass Effect is amazing. Bloody love those games. Makes me want to write Sci-Fi.

  2. Ouch, that sucks. I had ME2 on 360 but now I have a PS3 so I had to make a new Shepherd. You should definitely play it though.

  3. OMG Ellora - you should def play it.

    A M A Z I N G is the word but not quite 10/10 I'd give it a 9!!!

  4. Your review is spot on , just as I feel, the Mass Effect Series story, characters are good and I do think all gamers should give it a try if you haven't already done so.

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