Monday, 7 May 2012

The Rise of the Vita?

Almost 2 months after being launched it looks the Vita may finally be about to see some light at the end of the tunnel. After a terrible launch and post launch period the Vita is finally getting what it needs: blockbuster PlayStation exclusive games. It launched with Uncharted: Golden Abyss but other than that there weren't many truly enticing games. With Resistance: Burning Skies, LittleBig Planet and Gravity Rush however, that is about to change.

Over the course of the next month the Vita will suddenly become an enticing handheld with truly great games that PlayStation fans can look forward to. Of course there is still the issue of price, although some websites, such as Amazon, are offering some fairly reasonable bundles for the handheld now.

With the new exclusives coming the great hardware will finally have a good amount of great software. Essentially what made the 3DS successful will make the Vita successful. The handheld will finally have momentum and as games like Killzone, Metal Gear and Call of Duty are released later down the line the momentum will continue.

Of course all of this depends on whether or not the games are actually any good and there are still many people who will be put off by the price but certainly things are looking better for the Vita than they ever have.

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  1. we shall see. I think it needs a price cut before a lot of people will bother with it. I know that price is MY reason for not picking it up. I see a price this holday but by then it will too late in my case as it will be competing with the WII U for consumer money.