Friday, 25 May 2012

Starhawk Review

Starhawk, the spiritual successor to Warhawk, is a third person shooter available exclusively on the PlatStation 3. Though it does feature a good length single player it is the multiplayer that truly steals the show, with large scale vehicular and on foot combat being mixed with base building mechanics to give what are fairly regular multiplayer modes a fresh and enjoyable feel.

The base building mechanics are what really make Starhawk special, all of a sudden a wide open space can have various structures pop up, completely changing the terrain and making it easier to defend from incoming enemies. Modes like Capture the flag are made far more exciting and standout from the competition from other shooters because of this base building mechanic.

The vehicles also add huge amounts of fun to the multiplayer, take off in a Hawk and have numerous dog fights in the sky before landing and transforming it into a walking mech and wiping out the enemy from the ground; the vehicle combat really is fantastic. On foot the game also plays well and though there isn't really a class system the weapons to choose from are varied enough to keep the game fun but not varied to the point where it can become frustrating to choose a weapon you like and stick with it.

Graphics wise the game is good, not great but certainly good. There is a lot of brown being used but the planets you fight on still look good and animations are decent. I also noticed no issues with frame rate drop which is pretty impressive considering the size of the matches. There are some somewhat questionable colours on the palette that get used but all in all the game's visuals impress,

Sound wise the game is decent, there is nothing special going on but there isn't really anything that bad either, voice acting is competent enough, the guns sound suitably meaty and the chaos of multiplayer really sounds great.

Single player wise the story is fairly typical good guy versus bad guy where you don't really care about any of the characters, normally this would be a problem but really all the single player does and needs to do is teach you the mechanics of the game so that you can be prepared for the online modes which is really what this game is all about.

All in all it's a fantastic game that every PS3 owner with an interest in multiplayer should try, the online experience is superb and I hope a strong community builds up around it because as far as multiplayer shooters go, you can't get better than this.

Score: 9/10

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