Friday, 18 May 2012

Which Console Has The Best Exclusives?

When the Wii U launches at the end of the year the only real difference between the three consoles that will be available (aside from the fact that you have to pay for Xbox Live) will be the exclusives. This generation has certainly been dominated by the Wii in terms of who has the most exclusives but who has the best?

Microsoft is probably the company with the worst record for exclusive games, really all they have left is Gears of War, Halo and Forza. Halo is still great but Reach and ODST didn't live up to the third and it is uncertain whether the series will be as good as it used to be without Bungie to guide it. Gears of War has only ever been great with the first game, the other two were good but nowhere near as good as the first, mainly due to multiplayer having the fun sucked out of it. Forza is a good racer but it seems too ordinary, there are plenty of racers to choose from and I can't see a truly compelling reason to choose Forza, for as I long I have liked the 360 I have never bought a Forza game.

Nintendo, as I said, had the most exclusives but the problem here is that, as good as Mario, Zelda and Metroid are they all stick to formulas that are starting to get stale, there isn't enough innovation between games anymore to make them feel fresh. Other exclusives such as Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story are good, great even, but they are only really as good as RPGs such as Skyrim or Dragon Age and graphically they don't live up to those games. Whilst graphics aren't the be all and end all they do play an important role in how enjoyable a game is.

With the PS3 Sony have hit their stride with exclusives with games such as Uncharted, Infamous and Killzone all being great series. However they too aren't entirely without their problems, whilst MGS4 is still a Sony exclusive, MGS 2,3 and Peace Walker have gone multi platform. Also a few of their exclusive developers, such as Zipper Interactive, have shut down and others, such as Insomniac, have begun to make multi platform games.

Ultimately for me Sony has the best exclusives, with some long running franchises and some new ones, with great graphics, story and gameplay. Of course it comes down to personal taste and fanboyism obviously plays a role as well. Perhaps you're lucky enough to have the time and money to own all three consoles and enjoy all of their exclusive games, if not though then which console do you think has the best exclusives?


  1. Sony has the best exclusives, hands down. I can't believe Microsoft lost their monopoly on Mass Effect - bad move. But there is Fable, not as good as it used to be but still a great game, and then there are all the Kinect exclusives. Let's face it, Playstation Move was an embarassment.

  2. You're right about Move but the problem with Kinect is it means Microsoft are slowly losing their hardcore exclusives, all they have is Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable. Fable and Halo haven't been as good as they used to be for years, Forza is just a typical racer and Gears is supposed to be over now. That's why I sold my Xbox and got a PS3.

  3. i completely disagree with the comparison between xenoblad and last story and skyrim and dragon age. As far as quality goes, the wii exclusives are WAYYY better. they are both pretty bugged out games that i couldnt just not get into. of course, this is just a matter of opinion.

    I think nintendo has the best exclusives but sony is very close. Microsoft is waaaay in the back with gears, halo and forza. I sometimes dream of a collaboration between sony and nintendo. It would dominate any competitors with it's INSANE catalog of great exclusives.

    If course with the launch of the WiiU, we will see more titles across three different platforms and the real questions will be how will they set themselves apart so you will want to play it on their console? WiiU has the obvious advnatage with the introduction of a very new interface for console gaming but id devs could really tap into the kinect and move we could see some great reasons to buy on every system.

  4. Sony has the best exclusives for me but it is a personal thing. If you can afford them all that's great best of all worlds then !