Thursday, 14 June 2012

Challenge Accepted

Old games are harder than new games, this is an almost universal truth. Remember how many NES controllers you broke when you were kid? Now count how many PS2, Xbox or PS3 controllers you've broken. Games today are pretty easy aren't they?. They all have their moments but, by and large, they are a cake walk. To me this isn't a bad thing, I love modern games. But some don't like it and they relish the challenge.

The most obvious modern game that it a real challenge is Dark Souls, designed deliberately to be incredibly punishing. That's right, the point of the game, the reason it exists, is to be challenging. Is this a good thing? Is it relevant? Aren't games supposed to deal with stories and issues now? Aren't they supposed to be cinematic? Isn't it about fun and not challenge?

The answer to all of the above is yes, games are supposed to be all of those things but games that aren't are still relevant. I enjoy Dark Souls but I have never finished it and I am unlikely to do so because I get bored of how relentlessly sluggish it is after not very long, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate what it's trying to do. Friends of mine hate it because they don't see the point of it being hard but I say that gaming, as an art form, has room for all sorts and games that are designed solely to be challenging are welcome.

What do you think? Should games be deliberately hard? Are modern gamers weaklings? Or are hard games missing the point?

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  1. Dark souls is pretty much my favorite game of the last 2 years. More games should follow suit. The satisfaction you get from SD is unmatched. I can't believe you thought the game got sluggish? How much co-op and pvp did you do and which guild did you.join?

    1. The co-op annoyed me because you couldn't choose who you played with, it was purely random. I didn't do much PVP and to be honest it annoyed me that people could just come and ruin what you were doing. I joined the first guild, can't remember what it's called and I haven't done much with them. It's a good game but there is too much grind so the satisfaction of victory isn't good enough.

  2. to each his own, i put about 180 hours into my game and i will be buying thr prepare to die edition this fall too. i cant get enough of it!

  3. As an 'older' gamer I agree that old games are harder than new games,but then we all look at games slightly differently. It always must come down to what you as a gamer wants and expects from a game. I have to admit it also comes down to what sort of day or week I have had. Do I want some fun or something a bit more?

    Game on

    D B

  4. Surely games today should be able to deal with different stories, issues. A challenge is not a bad thing. Games have progressed so much the 'cinematic' effect as well as the music too all go into making good and great games. Keep them coming and keep giving some variety so we can choose what we want to play and how we want to play.


  5. I have an older brother and I can remember him going crazy thumping and shouting at some of the games he used to play but were they harder or as he is now older he is a bit calmer? I don't get cross with games only cross if I don't have time to play them .

    Dark Souls is on my top ten list