Thursday, 7 June 2012

E3: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengeance, aside from having a stupid name, is a departure from the Metal Gear Solid series and is intended to focus on Raiden, not the slightly effeminate one but the badass cyborg ninja one. In MGS4 Raiden is seen swinging Geckos from his feet, hacking dozens of them to the ground, blocking bullets and duelling Vamp. He's a badass and one that can do things Snake can't, he also never seems to rely on stealth because, well, he doesn't need to.

This much is evident to anyone who has played the game and anyone who has heard about Rising should know that Platinum Games want to allow you to play as you see Radien act in MGS4. This is not an MGS game, it is not Tactical Espionage Action, it is about being a cyborg ninja who can effortlessly take down Gecko, not sneaking. It is about fleshing out Raiden's story whilst doing all the cool stuff we know he can do.

Why then are so many people concerned with the lack of stealth? Why are they concerned he can do things Snake can't? Have they not played MGS4 or seen Rising? Are they simply brain dead or perhaps high? I don't know but it worries me that they don't quite get Kojima and Platinum Games' vision.

Personally I'm very excited for the game and I expect it to be incredible but that's because I actually grasp what it's about, hopefully anyone who reads this does as well and can join me in my confusion at people who are simply missing the point.

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