Tuesday, 5 June 2012

EA Sign Deal With Activision

In a recent statement given by a spokesperson for EA after the company unveiled its subscription service for Battleifeld 3 it was revealed that "Battlefield is a highly profitable and highly revered franchise played and loved by millions of gamers around the world. However, due to our recent multi-billion dollar contract with Activision we have been making every attempt to ruin the game in order to boost sales of Activision franchises such as Call of Duty."

Ok, not really but still.

When it was released last October Battlefield 3 replaced Battlefield Bad Company 2 as my favourite multiplayer game of all time, it was simply incredible. The graphics, the intensity, the sound and the modes and maps were all perfect. Since then two things have happened which have crippled the experience.

The first is player run servers. Instead of introducing them alongside official servers the official servers are all but extinct and you have to spend a long time searching for a server that actually provides what you want and even then you can be kicked for no other reason that the host of the server is in a bad mood with his wife.

To add to the issue the recently announced subscription service will give players with the subscription priority over you so all of a sudden not only is it hard to find a server you like, it's hard to join it. Now that this has happened I will likely have to sell the game (of course it won't be worth much thanks to the online pass) and buy a different shooter, such as Call of Duty or Ghost Recon.

Of course, God forbid, EA could just leave the game alone and just be content with adding new maps rather than butchering what was the greatest multiplayer game of all time. Just an idea EA, just an idea.

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