Monday, 18 June 2012

Ghost Recon: Future Solider Review

Ghost Recon: Advance Warfighter 2 was one of my favourite shooters. I've been wanting a new Ghost Recon game for years and, with Future Soldier, I finally have it. The good news? It's great. The bad news? It's far from perfect.

Gameplay wise it features the sort of squad based third person tactical shooting you'd expect from a Ghost Recon game. The shooting is tight, the gadgets and guns are cool and gunsmith, though not as cool as promised, still adds a nice twist to the usual weapon customisation seen in modern shooters.

The squad AI is good, they won't get you spotted, they don't get in the way and they pull their weight in a firefight. The problem is that I tend to feel detached from them. They will often, and this is only a problem in sneaking missions, they'll go off and go their route, talking about the guards they spot and usually you can find a quicker/easier route to go. The problem is that they don't follow you and so you don't feel like you're part of a squad.

The story of the single player is typical modern shooter stuff about arms dealers etc. and is fairly unintelligible but the settings are fantastic. The missions take place in odd settings for shooters, for instance one mission takes place in Nigeria. The graphics and sound compliment the single player well enough though neither are top examples in their chosen field. Also some of the cutscenes have some bad pixelation and slow down.

The length of the missions is good and the campaign lasts a good few hours but that isn't all there is, the multiplayer is very good. The only mode I've played extensively is conflict which is an objective based game mode. So far I've really enjoyed the online modes, they are a little more tactical than your average shooter a d they are well balanced and well designed. Whether or not it will be as good as Advanced Warfighter only time will time will tell.

Ultimately it's a great game, there are a decent amount of military shooters still to come this year though I'll be very surprised if this isn't the best.

Score: 9/10

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  1. Interesting to read your comments here, I to thought the shooting was good and where the missions took place I thought was ok.

    I think it should hold a good place in the games scene.


  2. Yeah agree with you advance warfighter 2 a good shooter game, think Future Sold will stand tall too. Missions stood up well and ex multi player. Good rating from me

  3. I do enjoy shooter games and agree the shooting is tight within this game, I know some do get a bit fed up with them but for me this at the mo is one of my fav's.