Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Greatest Gaming Soundtracks

Over the years there have been some truly astounding soundtracks in gaming. Franchises like Zelda, Halo, Uncharted and Mario all have incredibly memorable soundtracks. There are some developers who don't like to use music but, for the most part, the soundtrack is a key component in all games, complimenting the action packed moments, the tender moments and all of the moments in between. Here's a rundown of my favourites.

Uncharted Series

The main theme to Uncharted, like most of the game, brings to mind epic cinema films like Indiana Jones. It is catchy, epic and really adds to the overall feel of the game. In many ways it's a perfect soundtrack.

Red Dead Redemption

The soundtrack to Red Dead, apart from the couple of full blown songs they use, is fairly minimal but is always appropriate. Featuring all of the appropriate western themes, and a few cool twists and ideas, it compliments the game perfectly.

Metal Gear Solid

No not the whole franchise, though each game has a great soundtrack, I'm talking specifically about the first one. The first one had the lowest music budget of all of the Solid games but, for me, it's still the best. The theme tune for the boss fights is insanely catchy and even today, I know it note for note and can't help but sing it while I'm fighting the bosses.


  1. I agree about metal gear. My fav is final fantasy Xu.

  2. I vote for Dragon Age 1 and Oblivion :)

    1. Oblivion? I'd completely forgotten about that!