Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Samsung and The Future of Gaming

E3 so far has been a mixed bag, the best conference has been from Sony, but even that wasn't perfect. There have been all the usual game and console announcements but very little has been revealed that is truly exciting. At least not from the big three. The most exciting announcement actually comes from Samsung and is about a TV.

Samsung have announced that they will integrate Gaikai, the cloud based gaming service, into their next run of internet TV's. Gaikai offers games such as Mass Effect 3 and The Witcher 2 to be streamed through your computer and other devices. They offer demos and full games.

Of course, cloud based gaming can't take over yet, most people's Internet connection simply isn't good enough and it won't be for a few years yet. Consoles will still play a major role in gaming for years to come but, with OnLive improving and Gaikai moving into TVs their days are certainly numbered.

Many people won't welcome the change but bear in mind that if it happens it won't be for years yet and even then surely having console quality games on TVs, tablets, phones and computers is a great thing.


  1. Lets face it love it loathe it not sure about it gaming has changed over the years and the message which seems to be coming out of E3 is a bit of a mixed one, have to say it wasn't brilliant last year either.

    But us gamers are still here and always will be, the generations keep on coming. I have a little nephew he's only four and is already playing games yes simple ones for his age group but he loves it.

    Anyway, if I had a crystal ball perhaps I could see where it's going but I don't, yet I don't think the big boys do either yet, so how the hell would I? Just know I'll be here getting new games that I like and seeing what new consoles or TV's to play them on come out next week, next month , next whenever.

    J B

  2. Samsung have announced that they will integrate Gaikai

    This to me seems an exciting development, things have to move forward, after all a big mistake would be to go back.

    I have to agree with J B gamers will always be here waiting for the next developments and saving our hard earned cash to spend on new games or new systems coming our way.