Friday, 8 June 2012

Weekly Round Up: June 8th

This week has, of course, been E3. If you have been following my blog posts about it then you'll know that there's been some cool stuff but, overall, it's been quite a let down. Gaming wise I've been playing Skyrim and have started to work through the assignments on Battlefield 3. I haven't got any newer games because LoveFilm still haven't sent them through.

Next week I'll tie up any loose ends left from E3 such as other games and any last analysis of the press conferences. After that I'll be taking a look at some awesome gaming soundtracks and, without E3 to distract me I'll get some posts up about Apple and finally look at how we play games. I realise I've promised some posts that have yet to come up and now, with E3 gone, I'll finally post them.

Now then, here are my main posts from this week:

Press conferences:

My thoughts on the controversial Hitman trailer:

A look at how EA are ruining Battlefield 3:

Thanks for reading, have a good weekend!

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  1. Bloody hell love film are normally ok what gone wrong? Anyhow I've been busy reading your stuff and getting some gaming in well the weather has been pretty crap.


    1. They keep sending the wrong game and now they won't send a return envelope.

  2. Geez sorry to hear love film are messing you about normally they are ok hope you get it sorted.
    Been good reading your news and views again this week, hitman has caused a bit of a stir, probably end up being one of the biggest hits ever, have to see on that.