Monday, 4 June 2012

Welcome Back Nintendo

Although the Wii is the most successful console of this generation, and it is pretty cool, many, including myself, feel that Nintendo lost their way. After the GameCube, which was a really good console, they tried something different and although it revolutionised gaming it left them lagging behind for hardcore gaming because the controller, graphics and online capabilities simply weren't good enough.

Fortunately, with last night's pre E3 Nintendo Direct conference, Iwata has confirmed that the controller has been redesigned and will not only change how we play, with tons of social features useable on the screen while the big screen has your game on it, but has also been redesigned to suit hardcore gamers more. This is why there are sticks, instead of sliders.

He also talked about the Nintendo Network and Miiverse. The Wii's online capabilities were pretty awful, but with the Nintendo Network and Miiverse Nintendo have finally caught up. The Wii U is designed to be incredibly sociable, with text messages, voice and video calls and the usual friends list, as well as a list of people who like the same games as you, readily available on the bottom screen at all times.

Although Iwata didn't discuss the specs of the new console it certainly seems as though the controller and online capabilities are up to an awesome standard and it looks as though, providing the graphical capabilities are good, we can welcome Nintendo back into the console race.

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