Friday, 13 July 2012

Oh Yeah Ouya!

Ouya is a new console currently on Kickstarter that is designed to bring the indie developers that left consoles for PCs, Smartphones and Tablets back to the living room TV. It is an open console that is pro hacking and is essentially its own dev kit. It will cost $99 dollars and all of the games for it must be free in at least some way (e.g. A demo).

That's the boring factual bit out of the way, the important part is what will its impact be? The team behind it hope to 'upend' console gaming and essentially take the gaming world by storm. However this is unrealistic. The console is a great idea and if it ever sees the light of day I will be a day one buyer, but it lacks the power to run AAA blockbuster franchises like CoD and as such will not see off consoles.

The team also hope simply to bring an open console to the living room, this is an achievable goal and, so long as they can stop too much cheating going on, is also a great idea. There isn't enough innovation in console gaming (though there is some in the shape of Journey etc.) and the market isn't overly friendly towards such things. Ouya could change that and this would be a really good thing for the industry which, less face it, is getting a tad predictable (E3 anyone?).

Ultimately of course it may not see the light of day (though it has already far outgrown its Kickstarter goal) but if it does it will make a great addition to your living room alongside your PS3 or 360.

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