Monday, 6 August 2012

A Damming Indictment of the PS Vita

I've just been on holiday for two weeks and in those two weeks I've seen a lot of people playing on handhelds. I've seen my fare share of smartphones and tablets but by far the most dominant machine was the DS/3DS. This is hardly surprising, it's a roaring success. The thing that struck me though was that in two weeks spent surrounded by hundreds of people, I did not see a single PS Vita.


The Vita is great, it's a fantastic console, read my review if you don't believe me, the games though, well, there just aren't enough good ones. This, combined with the ludicrous price, has resulted in it being a flop, from day one to whatever day we're on now. Sony of course keep insisting that when big name games like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed launch for it things will pick up, but will they? In a market where the DS family is so entrenched can Sony make much ground?

A lot of people play the DS because they are big Nintendo fans but a lot of other people play it because the Vita simply hasn't delivered and sure Sony might have some big games on the way but they are still all over a month away and it could easily be a case off too little way too late.

Sony have a lot of hurdles to jump, they are still making losses, the last one being over $300 million and the PlayStation brand is the only one of their brands that really stomps on the competition. The problem is that now even the PlayStation brand is failing. I want the Vita to succeed but by the time it's big games come out it will have been out for a year and the 3DS will have cornered even more of the market. What will there be left for the Vita to take?

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  1. Hey man what was I just saying, great stuff and yeah DS is good takes a lot of beating