Monday, 13 August 2012

Are Boss Fights Dead?

From my last two posts you could get the impression I don't like boss fights in games, but that couldn't be further from the truth, I love boss fights. For me no feeling in games comes even close to the moment when you've been fighting a difficult boss for ages and finally they die and with adrenaline pumping through your blood you let loose a victory cry. Some people though definitely do not like boss fights and think games just don't need them anymore, but from experience I find games without boss fights feel empty and void of the same sense of achievement, another big problem with games lacking boss fights is they often replace the climatic fights with events such as large waves of enemies (that frankly only require lots of bullets and common sense to complete) which just aren't nearly as good. And lets be fair some of the most memorable moments in gaming history are epic boss fights, for example Metal gear solid wouldn't have been nearly as awesome had the key cards just worked and Rex had been disabled, I don't want to watch a cutscene showing me what I could have done either, I want to shoot stinger missiles at a robot more than ten times my size while dodging a giant penis laser. So the big question is what do you think, should games still have boss fights?

By Alan Wright


  1. They most cerently should still have boss fights i agree with everything you have put their boss fight's are truly epic moments in games!

  2. YES! Good boss fights are one of my favorite things in video games. Dark/Demon's Souls had intense boss fights that made you feel great about yourself once you defeat them. I still remember the excitement of the Old King fight in Demon's Souls.

    ...and if games like Shadow of the Colossus can achieve greatness by simply exploiting the sheer awesomeness of boss fights one after the other, then YES, more games need Boss Fights.