Thursday, 9 August 2012

Belial the Lord of F***ing Hell I'm Dead Again

In my last post I reviewed Diablo 3 and spoke of how I loved the game, since then I have got to the end boss fight of act 2, Belial the lord of lies, on nightmare difficulty and it is here the game has decided to become the bane of my existence. For a couple of days I try again and again to beat Belial and again and again he has killed me, Belial's fight has three phases (I won't spoil anything though), the first two I beat easily as they're essentially what I've been doing for the whole game so far (killing lots of monsters), but then is the dreaded third phase. To successfully beat the third phase you need quick reflexes, because Belial's attacks can kill you in pretty much two hits (well at least for me they do), it takes me over ten attempts to hone my mouse clicking skills to avoid attacks and yet still do some damage. At last with teeth gritted and muscles twitching with tension, Belial my most hated enemy, almost unbelievingly dies. Now I just have to beat him on hell and inferno difficulties for me to lose all semblance of sanity.

By Alan Wright

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  1. I can't even beat this guy on normal, so I've given up.