Friday, 10 August 2012

Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade

Knights of the Temple Infernal crusade was a game made by Starbreeze Studios in 2004 and was released on the Xbox, PC, Gamecube and PlayStation 2. The game was a simple hack and slash set in 12th century Europe, it wasn't anything special compared to other fantasy hack and slash games, but I'll always remember it fondly. You start the game as Paul, an initiate of the Knights Templar and as you progress through the levels you go up through the ranks of the order, acquiring new swords (the Hell Sword, a barbed black sabre was my favorite) and powers (which become essential throughout the game) as you go.

The gameplay mechanics were simple but well done, a combo system to use more powerful moves was the primary way of attacking, but you also got four holy powers that allowed you to heal or protect yourself or attack enemies, the ability to pick up weapons such as swords, maces or axes or use bow attacks also helped vary the gameplay slightly. The soundtrack was also composed by the dutch metal band Within Temptation. However the one thing I desperately wanted to mention about this game is the end boss fight, something that has plagued me for years. Up until the end boss fight nothing in the game had been amazingly difficult, but then comes this stupidly hard fight. The fight itself is comprised of two phases, the first against one big boss, the second against several monsters AND a boss, the first phase is tricky but not impossible, however the second phase involves a boss that surrounds himself with an impenetrable shield that can only be lowered by killing the monsters that spawn in (these monsters also happen to get increasingly more powerful until eventually they're harder to kill than the boss itself) with the shield lowered you get a few seconds to do some kind of damage to him (not an easy feat in itself).

Now I'll admit I'm not the best player when it comes to boss fights especially when I was younger, but even now this last boss fight beats me no matter how many times I try and always leaves me sobbing in the corner of my room.

By Alan Wright

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