Friday, 17 August 2012

Skylanders: The New Pokemon?

Pokemon was the first game (at least to my knowledge) where one of the main aims of the game was to collect creatures that could also be collected in real life (through trading cards, plush toys, models etc) and over the years other game developers have taken this principle and put their own spin on it such as Yu-gi-oh and Digimon, Skylanders seems to be the new incarnation of this type of game. The big difference with this game compared to the others before it is that to get new characters in the game you have to buy the separate models (some of which are very hard to find) the big problem with this being to get the whole set you more than triple the games price.

To play one of the 32 characters in the game you place the corresponding figure on a peripheral called the "portal of power" which recognises the character and produces it on screen, while this is a very inventive way of allowing players to choose characters, it can easily get annoying, as the peripheral sometimes won't recognise the figurine or will stop recognising it mid game. My nephew has been collecting Skylanders since Christmas and listening to him talk about it really reminds me of when I played and collected Pokemon, I looked after him recently and loved listening to him go on about his favourite character chop-chop and how he had completed the game, I could even point to any of the models and he could name it and its element instantly and its this clear adoration of the game from its young fans that I love because thats what games aimed at young children should do, games like this will be fondly remembered for the rest of the players life, like I still think of Pokemon, I don't however think Skylanders will be as big as Pokemon (which is still a massive thing even today) but maybe thats just because I was part of the Pokemon generation.

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