Saturday, 18 August 2012

Weekly Round Up: August 18th

I'm back to posting every day! Sorry the blog has been so sporadic for a while but everything now is back to normal. Also I can gladly announce that Alan Wright is now an official contributor and has his own account linked to the blog, he'll be doing at least a post per week and will also be helping me to do some videos to upload onto the blog which will appear at least once per week.

Usually there is one post per day but we hope to get it so that there is more than that going on, hopefully that will be starting from Monday and will go quite well.

In terms of gaming I've been playing a lot on the Wii, working though Super Smash Bros. and finally getting into Twilight Princess which, for some reason, took a little while to do. Other than that Sleeping Dogs is hopefully on the way from LoveFilm so I can get a review of that posted next week or maybe the week after. Alan has Darksiders 2 on the way and he will be posting a review and a video of his first play for that within the next two weeks.

My main posts this week, as well as Alan's, have been:

Can World of Warcraft survive without some big changes?

Are Boss Fights Dead?

Could Skylanders be the next Pokemon?

If you like this blog have a look at mine and Alan's new movie and TV blog

Thanks for reading, have a good weekend!

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