Friday, 24 August 2012

Weekly Round Up: August 24th

This week has been pretty busy, Alan finally has a Google account so next week he can add his own posts rather than me having to do it, we've begun our new Minecraft Mondays feature and have started our review for Darksiders 2 which will go up on Tuesday alongside some video footage of the game in action.

Next week there will be another instalment in our Minecraft Mondays feature and I'll be starting a new feature called Replay where either I or Alan will replay an old game that we may or may not have played in the past. It'll kick off with my play through of Darksiders, a game that neither of us have played before. I picked it up today and am loving it so far.

Our main posts this have been:

Black Ops' Vita worries:

Total War's lack of ideas:

Our first Minecraft video:

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Thanks for reading, have a good weekend!

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