Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wheels and Joysticks: Classic Gaming

I woke up recently and had a sudden want for a gaming steering wheel (pedals and all) for either my Playstation 3 or PC, I look up the prices of wheels online and it starts me thinking about all the different controllers you used to be able to buy to enhance your games like steering wheels, joysticks and laser guns that plug into your console, I know all these things are still available, but they're not nearly as popular because of the modern equivalents. The modern equivalents of these controller ranges are of course the popular motion sensor consoles such as the Wii, Playstation move and Xbox Kinect and while this technology is cool, I think that in a bid to make gaming more interactive, gaming companies have disconnected players from games, because there's nothing physical to tie you to the game (you don't feel the weight of a sword or the recoil of a gun).

For me games are a way to become something else like a brave knight killing hordes of demons or a veteran soldier protecting their country and controllers give you a way to become these people and do things that are physically impossible, where as motion sensor technology binds your character to your physical limitations and sometimes it seems playing a Wii or Kinect is just like fighting invisible monsters whilst watching an animated film. And so with all this said I want companies to develop virtual reality gloves that allow me to physically punch Deathwing in the face, gaming guns that actually recoil and controllers that allow me to fully control my character, feel what they feel and yet still allow me through them to become more than I am.

By Alan Wright

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  1. Classic Gaming at it's best. Remember the first time you experienced that recoil as the shot was made, amazing.

    Enjoyed reading this piece - thanks.