Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gamers, You Sicken Me

Ten years ago mobile phones were just phones, people got excited when they bought a new one but they were not the be all and end all, they were not a momentous and life changing thing. If, say, the release date of a new phone was announced the day before the release date of a new console the phone would seem hysterically insignificant. Sadly in our sick, twisted and seemingly impure and evil world this is not the case.

Yesterday the iPhone 5 was unveiled and it looks awesome! Its bigger, more powerful, has some cool new features and looks fantastic, I'd even say I want one. Today the Wii U will have a release date, price and launch information announced but the phone, the phone that gets updated every year, has had more of an impact on people (I'm talking specifically about people in the games industry here as this is a gaming blog) than the Wii U event today.

And people wonder why I have no faith in humanity.

Yes the iPhone 5 looks incredible and of course to general people who aren't necessarily gamers it would be more exciting than the Wii U but surely us gamers should be ashamed? The iPhone and the rest of the I family have had a huge impact on gaming and the App Store has revolutionised the industry but seriously? It's a phone! I don't care how successful Angry Birds is and I don't care that games on the iPad are spreading more and more into console quality realms it will not rival the Wii U for gaming, nor will it rival any console for gaming. Besides, we'll get a new and improved one next year but the Wii U will be with us for over five years (probably).

Please gamers, come and comment, tell me you are more excited for the Wii U than you are a phone and then maybe I won't top myself and maybe this afternoon I'll post about the Wii U press event.

Nerd rant over.

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  1. Hey man rants, views of all sorts are allowed.

    Phones for some reason do get us all excited. Prob because of the money that's involved with launches. What they spend is massive. Us gamers, well guess some of us do like the phones as much as games.Geez me I just wait and see what's coming out then decide what I'm going to do. Dosh availability allowing.


  2. We all have differing views and ideas. I've never been able to get my head around phones and the big bucks that people spend on them. Me, I'd much rather spend my hard earned on game stuff.
    Like your blog keep it coming.

  3. "Gamers you sicken me" ---- Awe come on we're not that bad !

    I have to agree with you that as phones seem to (do) get a much bigger launch and I guess everyone , gamers too do get excited about it. Look at the monies spent on the hype and launch so can you really blame us? If you enjoy games should it matter be they on a phone or a console.

    Looking forward to the Wii U Launch