Monday, 3 September 2012

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Preview

For me the Metal Gear Solid series is hands down the greatest series of all time and Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3,4 and Peace Walker hold the top five spots in my greatest games of all time list. I've completed the first one 65 times, across all difficulties, the second one I've done 22 times, across all difficulties, the third one I've done 6 times across all difficulties and the fourth one I've done 3 times. I've only done Peace Walker once but that'll change soon enough. So yeah, I like the games a lot and I also think Hideo Kojima is the closest thing to God on the planet.

So naturally, when Kojima announced a film and a new entry in the series at the recent Metal Gear 25th anniversary event I was pretty excited. The film I'll address in a separate post, this is all about the brand new game, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

At the event the trailer was shown, but only those who were there could see it, the rest of us had to wait until Saturday when the same trailer was shown off at PAX. And what a trailer! The trailer shows a man with a disfigured face (could it be Volgin or The Fury?Kojima said he'd bring a dead character back) and he is talking to a small child in a cage, saying he needs to deliver a message to his Boss (yep a capital B, does it mean anything?). Afterwards the man leaves in a jeep and then boards a helicopter, pointing out the fact that the game, which will be open world, features the ability to use vehicles.

We then see a man referred to as Snake scaling a cliff and we also see the foxhound logo. Now, a couple of things. Once he scales the cliff he removes his night vision goggles and we see his face. He is not Solid Snake, he is Big Boss. A lot of people are still debating this but a) his eye patch is on the wrong side to be Solid Snake and b) although they are clones Big Boss' face looks different to Solid's so you can tell its Big Boss. The other important thing is that Big Boss left Foxhound in 1972 and didn't return until the nineties so if he is involved with Fox (which the trailer strongly implies) then it must be set in the nineties, which seems to be mirrored in how old Big Boss is looking. Note the grey hair and the wrinkled face.

Then the gameplay kicks in with Snake crawling behind rocks to avoid detection from searchlights as he sneaks into a base. We see him steal a jeep and reverse away from oncoming vehicles to remain hidden, we also see him use a flare to have a helicopter come and take him away. This is a feature Kojima says will be used to transport you from mission and even country to country (just how ambitious is this open world?). The aim of the mission is to free Chico and Paz from the compound so we know that these two characters from Peace Walker will be making a return.

There is a mention of "From Fox, two phantoms were born" this could be a reference to there being two Snakes in the game and Solid did have some run-ins with Big Boss during the nineties so there is a possibility that he could in some way feature in the game, but we're going to have to wait to hear more for that to be anything more than rampant speculation.

The trailer is awesome and I cannot wait for the game but the trailer wasn't the only amazing thing. Kojima's Fox Engine is being used in the game. He says it is built for current generation consoles and PCs but also for the next generation. The trailer was displayed on a PC but is supposed to be indicative of how it would look on a current generation console. It looks amazing, they are by far some of the best graphics I have ever seen, at times the game looks almost photorealistic. The thing I wonder though is can a current generation console really handle that? It looks so much better than what we are used to that I seriously have my doubts, but of course with Sony and Microsoft being so hush about the next generation I suppose Kojima can't really say. It's also worth mentioning that this won't be a Sony exclusive, at the end of the trailer you can see that it's also available on Xbox 360 and there is talk of it making it onto the PC.

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  1. Wow started reading this and thought OMG it's September. Weekend was a bit of a blur.Metal Gear Solid brill