Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Metal Gear Solid Movie Cast

Since I first became a Metal Gear fan I have wanted there to be a film. The games are incredibly cinematic in nature and could transfer fantastically well to the big screen. Finally, as was announced at the recent 25th anniversary event for Metal Gear, there will be a film.

At the moment there is very little information available so this will simply be a wish list compiled by me and Alan of who we would like to see in the film. We are assuming that the film will be an adaption of the first Metal Gear Solid, simply because it's the least complex and it wouldn't make sense to start the story from a different point in the game series.

Solid Snake: Christian Bale

Liquid Snake: Daniel Craig

DARPA Chief: Samuel Jackson

Arms Tech President: ?

Revolver Ocelot: ?

Psycho Mantis: John Malkovich

Vulcan Raven: Vin Diesel

Octacon: Cillian Murphy

Colonel Campbell: ?

Meryl: ?

Mei Ling: ?

Naomi: Anne Hathaway

Grey Fox: ?

Sniper Wolf: ?

If they decide to make a film of the third game instead then they need:

Big Boss: Hugh Jackman

The Boss: Kate Blanchet

Sigint: Samuel Jackson

As you can see there are some we haven't figured out yet so if you have any suggestions then leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Luv Malkovich cast as Psycho. Might there be a place for Jason Statham, I alway thought he'd make a good Bond tho Daniel Craig is ok


  2. Quite like Christian Bale as Solid Snake.

    Recently went to see Expendables 2 so how about some of the 'oldies' Arnie and Stallone. No thinking about it perhaps not.


  3. Hey how about casting Brad and Angelina, big names could be big bucks