Thursday, 20 September 2012

My Adventures in Red Dead Redemption

I pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption at Rob's prompting and was very glad I did as the game quickly became one of the best games I had ever played.

For me its the story of Red Dead Redemption that makes it so incredible, you could play through it a hundred times and the story won't get boring, the characters are memorable and the plot is riveting. Everything else in the game just augments the story from the stunning HD graphics to the cheesy but mood setting music or the simple yet extremely satisfying battle controls, it all shapes the game into something so close to perfect, its only a few small details that hold the game back for example the lack of dual welding pistols and revolvers or being unable to drive trains in free roam and these are all things Rockstar could add into a second Red Dead Redemption (something I desperately hope Rockstar will release).

I've completed the single player campaigns for the original and the expansion Undead Nightmare two times each and reached 100% in the original game and it does not matter how many times I play I just don't get bored. I started my online character and for ages I could happily play the private free roam alone just completing the challenges (I once rolled from Macfarlane's ranch to Armadillo to complete a rolling challenge), I played through gang hideouts to level my character eventually managing to consistently do Pikes Basin solo in under six minutes without dying and then I started playing online with Rob and we can still have fun just doing random things like going to El Presidio and killing the Mexican army until we both have massive bounties, trying to stack one stage coach on top of another in a bid to get on top of a building or playing the co-op missions together (my personal great moment being killing a gunner in the Tumbleweed mansion with a cannon on top of the cliff on the other side of the town).

All in all this game is just incredible and I don't think I'll ever stop playing it completely, my advice, if you don't have this game is buy it, play it and slap yourself for not doing so earlier.

By Alan Wright

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  1. Just love it.
    Agree with you I don't think I will ever stop playing it completely either.

    Good one - Game on

    D B