Thursday, 27 September 2012

Oh The Irony!

MMOs have never really taken off on consoles, Final Fantasy being perhaps the most famous example of this. Although consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 both have a fantastic online setup in the forms of Xbox Live and the PSN neither has ever taken an MMO and really made it soar, but this is not through lack of trying. Just go and Google a list of console based MMOs and you'll see that many have tried and many have failed. Go Google it if you like, I'll wait.


See? MMOs and consoles just don't get along, they are really most at home on the PC where they work pretty damn floorlessly and, particularly with games like World Of Warcraft and Guild Wars, have found pretty massive long term success.

The only console that hasn't really tried to have an MMO is the Wii, there may be many reasons for this but if you're reading this then you, like me, are likely thinking that it couldn't because, let's face it, the Wii's online offerings are laughable at best (and I like the Wii!). So of course the Wii couldn't possibly have an MMO on it that's successful right? Especially not one that takes a legendary franchise and turns it into an MMO? Right? RIGHT!?

Wrong actually.

Dragon Quest X, out now in Japan on the Wii but also coming to the Wii U, is a console based MMO (the first for the series) that features a subscription model and, though not yet as successful as other games in the franchise, is so far doing rather well and is looking very impressive.

Though no Western release information has been shown off there is plenty of footage and information online to be found and the game does look rather impressive. With everything you'd want from a typical MMO but also with a large emphasis on a single player style story. Also those cartoon style graphics look awesome! If it continues to be as successful as it is then, judging by the series track record here in the West, we are fairly likely to see it released here so that we can try it out for ourselves.

Ironic isn't it, that the Wii, the most backwards of this generation in terms of online functionality, might be the only console to truly succeed with an MMORPG?

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