Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wii U: What We Need From The Press Event

At 3pm here in the UK tomorrow Nintendo will announce the release date and price for the Wii U whilst a Wii U press event takes place in New York. So far Nintendo haven't done a great job at selling the concept of the Wii U so the pressure is on them tomorrow to convince us to buy one.

Here is what they need to do tomorrow:

First and foremost we need a launch date, a price and information on what we'll get. November seems likely as in the past they have aimed for the 18th to get in on the Thanksgiving rush in America. Also it seems like a $250-300 price range is likely to keep the cost low enough to compete with the current gen but not make a loss ( also bear in mind that that controller does not look cheap!). But will we get an HDMI lead? Will it come with a Wii Remote and will its online suite be full and ready or half hearted and still a work in progress? These are questions that all need answering tomorrow.

The other key thing we need to know about is games. Whilst historically speaking it seems unlikely that we'll get the full lineup we need to know if games like Mario and Zombiu will be launch titles and if not when they will come out. We also need to know more about hardcore third party support. Is Black Ops 2 coming, if so then when? What can we expect further down the line?

What I'd like Nintendo to do:

Give me more third party support, show us a reel of games that are coming from third party developers that we don't know about. E3 showed lots of support but most of it came in the shape of games that have been out for months, we need current and we need big and we need it now.

Why not tease some first party games? Sure we have Pikmin and a 2D Mario game but what about later on? When can we expect 3D Mario, a new Zelda game or a Metroid game to be out? What about other franchises? Why not revive some old ones like Star Fox or F-Zero. Also a Monster Hunter game in HD would be nice.

By the end of tomorrow we'll know Nintendo have done, in the meantime ill be waiting eagerly for Nintendo Direct tomorrow. Check back after the video for my thoughts on the preview event.

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