Friday, 26 October 2012

007 Legends Review, Just buy Goldeneye

I'll be honest I'm not really up to date when it comes to gaming news so when I saw 007 Legends I was fairly pumped, then Rob told me about it and even though it had so many bad reviews I still hoped it would be good. There are two admissions I must make before I carry on, the first is I've only really seen the new Daniel Craig Bond films, so I don't really know much about the old films (but I do of course know a lot of the famous moments, so I can recognize them), secondly I've never really played any of the Call of Duty games (because I don't like them) so I don't know anything about them.

The graphics of Legends are ok, on the PS3 they look pretty good, but a lot of textures are reused too much so nothing really stands out and makes an impression. One of the worst things I've seen so far is door handles aren't actually physical extensions on the door, they're just pictured on the doors and a lot of small details like this just make the game look badly made. Facial animations (and animation in general actually) is really awful, with sounds going out of sync with the movements or animations just looking jolty and erratic.

The soundtrack is actually pretty good and stays very true to previous Bond themes, giving the game a great Bond feel. The voices however are really bad, none of the voice actors are the actual original actors and all of the voices don't even sound like the proper actors they are meant to be impersonating.

The story starts with a scene that has no set up and doesn't really make any sense. The way the films' storylines have been fitted together by having them as memories being relived in Bond's unconscious mind is a very nice way to do it. Even though I haven't seen the films I can tell the story doesn't follow the films' storylines well and has just taken too many liberties with them.

The gameplay is alright, but its just not James Bond. Most of the game is just standard first person shooter, run in, kill everyone, move on and it just doesn't fit, no spy would just run in and shoot everybody, its just not stealthy. There are stealth elements in the game, but they are really badly done, the NPCs will have their backs turned to you when you are meant to be stealthing, doors can't be shut behind you and when you're crouching there is no icon showing you you're crouching (which really, really annoys me). The AI is again not done well, I was standing next to an enemy and he wasn't shooting me or even attempting to do anything.

A melee system is present where you will go in to a small minigame and use the joysticks to punch certain parts on the enemy and its just clunky and horrible and just generally a really bad way to represent a fist fight. There's quite a few gadgets and some are quite cool like a radar watch or a mode on the smartphone that lets you see nerve gas and fingerprints (not in the films and doesn't make sense in any of the films' contexts, but cool), the laser on the watch IS from the films but is rubbish, the only use it seems to have is in distracting guards using sound systems, oh and guards are completely oblivious to this glowing red beam stabbing their retinas. Weapon upgrades like scopes and extended magazines are available, but can only be brought or equipped at an MI6 crate which is just really inconvenient.

The split-screen multiplayer is very fun, but the maps are huge, far too big for just four people (at one point my friend and me had to start using Marco Polo and purposely firing just to find each other). The split-screen gameplay is pretty much just like Goldeneye's, however the special characters like Bond or Dr No have special abilities and weapon loadouts can now be customized, which are both very good touches.

The thing is this game has nothing special about it, its standard, just alright, ok, there's just nothing really amazing or fun about it and this is with me not having seen the films or played Call of Duty (which many people have told me this game nicks a lot of things from) which makes it better for me. In my honest opinion, you shouldn't buy this game, save your money and buy Goldeneye which is what a James Bond game should be.

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