Friday, 12 October 2012

1 Year of The Gaming Blog!

In late September last year I decided to start a gaming blog. I've been into gaming for years but over the last three my interest has grown from merely playing them, to reading and debating about them, it was this spike in interest that motivated me to start my own blog. That and I also love writing.

The blog certainly had pretty humble beginnings with me only posting sporadically and when I did post I put next to know effort into promoting the blog so the traffic was meagre at best. So in celebration of this birthday I thought I'd post some links here to some of my earliest posts so that you can all have a read.

Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3:

Assassins's Creed and Desmond Miles:

Grand Theft Auto 5:

The potential of OnLive:

So there you go, some of my favourite early blog posts.


  1. Well done mate.

    Keep up the great stuff
    Game on


  2. Yeah the same from me


  3. Hey well done. Just got the Borderlands game and put a few words on your piece you wrote a while ago. Great game. Good pieces to read on the blog I look through it don't always comment but enjoy the pieces you post.


  4. Hasn't the year gone quickly.
    Congrats and Happy Birthday!
    Well Done