Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Licence To Kill: Limp Wristed Licensed Games

Licensed games don't exactly have a stellar reputation. From E.T to Transformers plenty of franchises have had God-awful games made and released that only serve to worsen this poor reputation. But every so often there will be a studio that comes along and turns the model on its head. They'll take a license and make a game that isn't tied into a film release and they'll take the time that they need to make a good game and the results can be astounding.

The most notable examples are of course High Moon Studios' War for and Fall of Cybertron and Rocksteady's Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. These are games that aren't tied into film releases and they thrive because of it, all too often a rushed game will be released to coincide with a film, they don't sell all that well (relatively speaking) and they are panned critically. And yet still they come.

Would it not make more sense to put some time and effort into games? Even if a game must be tied into the film why not release it after the film? Perhaps as a nice stop gap before the DVD/Blu Ray release or maybe to coincide with that? Perhaps it could even come out slightly after and the milk the success of the film even more! These are games that are made purely for money but if they were given a bit of love and soul they could make far more money. Look at Arkham City, it's a huge success that's available on all of the major systems, it's got to be bigger than any poorly done licensed movie tie-in, so why not make a game like that instead of a game like The Expendables?

Perhaps I'm wrong and there isn't as much money in a game like Fall of Cybertron as there is in Dark of the Moon but this seems hard to believe, games that are well received, well made and as successful as Arkham City must surely outsell and out perform their sub-par brethren?

Of course I doubt that the practice of releasing limp wristed licensed games is going to stop anytime soon but it is pleasing to see that Rocksteady's Batman series is going to continue and that High Moon Studios are in charge of the upcoming Deadpool game,we can only hope that other licences are granted to these two phenomenal studios.

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  1. You got this statement right, licensed games are not going to stop, yes they are normally a much weaker game but there are those in the gaming public that must have them. The money they generate all helps the companies profits keep coming in so more games (good or not so good) can keep coming. It's great.