Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Assassins's Creed 3 Preview: The Story is the Hurdle

Assassins's Creed Revelations was an unusual game. The gameplay was evolved enough to keep things fresh, the new setting was great, the mix of Altair and Ezio was great, the graphics and sound were great and the multiplayer was great but its still one of my most hated games of all time. If I were to review it I would strongly urge you not to buy it, it's the biggest waste of £40 I have ever experienced. Why? Well it's simple, the only reason the game existed, the only reason Brotherhood needed a sequel, was to explain things. What had been going on with Ezio and Altair? How would their story end satisfactorily? And what was going on with Desmond and could we please do something meaningful with him now?

None of these questions were answered and so the game was pointless. It had no purpose and no payoff and was awful because of it.

This means that the pressure is on for Assassin's Creed 3. The series has yet to give a character a satisfactory ending and Desmond seems so unimportant and forgotten that he may as well not exist. He is supposed to be the main character, he is supposed to be an assassin, he needs a full fledged Assassins's Creed story like Altair, Ezio and Connor, not some limp wristed block building game that quite frankly seemed as though the developers had swallowed a handful of pills and then thought "blocks are good!".

The series is at a major crossroads, give Connor a good story, from start to finish, give us hours of gameplay as Desmond where we use him as an assassin and wrap up the whole story, all of the lose ends, and the series will be absolutely jaw dropping, fail to do any of those things however and the entire series will be derailed and it is highly unlikely that I would invest in a fourth game, assuming they eventually do one.

Below I have posted an old piece I wrote after Revelations last year, called Forgetting Desmond Miles, which highlights the series' biggest issue and Assassins Creed 3's biggest challenge.

Forgetting Desmond Miles (From 2011)

When someone mentions Assassin’s Creed I’d be willing to bet you that you don’t think of Desmond, at least, not instantly. You’re far more likely to think of Ezio, or even Altair, if you’re a fan of the first game.

I love the series, I have played all four of the games and have enjoyed all of them (minus the ending of Revelations, but I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t finished it yet) and, despite looking, I can’t seem to find any plot holes, apart from the fact that Lucy is missing a finger despite Leonardo’s modifications to the hidden blade.

Ubisoft say that the next game will be the end of Desmond’s story but, quite frankly, they will need to do something drastic, something like set the entire game around Desmond, have you play as only Desmond and give little mention to Altair or Ezio, otherwise the game won’t feel like it belongs, because Desmond seems too insignificant, it won’t feel like Assassin’s Creed, it will feel like a spin off, and probably a bad one at that.

Also where is Viddic? The games main villain suffers from many of the same problems as its hero. The first game set him up as your nemesis and it did it fantastically, then he appears for about two minutes at the end of the second one and no one has heard from him since. Will he be in the next game? Has he been up to anything in the time Brotherhood and Revelations have taken place? Is he even still alive? How many people even really remember him? I mentioned him to a friend the other day and it was only then that even realised he’d been missing.

I love the games, but there’s only so long they can continue without giving me someone to focus on, someone to drive the story. The next game is there one chance to do this and I’m worried they’re going to screw it up.

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